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Rehabs in Monroe

Rehabs in Monroe

In the US Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is located the county of Monroe. According to the 2010 estimates, the population was 168,327. The county was formed on April 1, 1836, with Stroudsburg as its seat. The name it got from the US 5th president James Monroe.

For many years, Monroe has been one of the fastest-developing counties throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Partially, it was due to tourism. 

However, despite that, the county appears to record too many substance abuse cases. According to America’s Health Rankings for every 100,000 inhabitants, there were 35.1% (40) drug deaths in 2019. This rate was way above the average for that year. This is evidence of how bad the situation with the drug problem in this county is.

Drug and Alcohol Detoxification in Monroe

Although you start your recovery when you realize you have a problem, it is only one piece of the whole process. It takes quite a long time to go through it and finally recover. After you make up your mind, you must get those substances out of your system at a detox center.

This may be harder than you think, but it will lead to the next steps of your treatment in the right way. However, before you begin the detoxification process, you must be aware of all the risks involved. Physical dependency itself is full of health risks, but abruptly chopping yourself off can be risky too.

Alcohol detox centers in Monroe provide you with medical oversight while you go through this process. That is to make sure you are safe as you clear your organism of drugs and alcohol. A stay in detox centers can last days and even weeks, depending on your personal case. 

After, you are free to return home and finish an outpatient program or get full-time care at a residential program.

Drug Treatment Options

Each person from the above-mentioned statistics could be saved if they received the right treatment on time. Maybe, some of them did actually get any therapies, but those could have been not so effective. Anyways, there are several rehab centers in Monroe County, Pennsylvania with the right cure program.

Those people who try drugs for the first time are more likely to overdose because of low tolerance. So, this may even happen before they realize they need to get help and turn to rehabilitation centers. To prevent that, their relatives and friends should give the right solution to the problem asap. 

Most commonly people seek remedies because of abuse of substances like alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine. If a person suffers from substance use disorder, he/she shouldn’t be ashamed to ask for help. This is an illness, just like heart disease or anxiety, which must be cured.

If you are brave enough to admit that you have a problem, you are already winning the battle. If you have already decided to make changes, below are some available options. Move on to reading about treatment options available to save the lives of your beloved ones!

Residential Treatment Programs

These are full-time facilities. If you decide to choose this option, you are to move in and stay on-site to get regular therapy. Similarly, some facilities provide remedies for other mental health disorders as well as substance use abuse. 

Those who choose this program at an inpatient drug rehab in Monroe, have time and space free of daily life influences. This option best suits those who either have a very severe problem or the addiction is related to other mental health issues.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

This option makes it possible for you to get lots of therapy and extra access. Among those are stress management training and nutritional counseling. Compared to residential programs, in this case, you have a little more freedom.

You just visit the facility during the daytime and stay there for therapy. At the end of the day, you are allowed to go back to your home. There you receive the support of your family and sleep in your own bed in comfort.

Outpatient Treatment Programs

Compared to residential ones, these are less hands-on. They are more similar to seeking therapy and visiting group counseling sessions for other mental health issues (like anxiety/depression). 

As long as you progress through outpatient drug rehabilitation, you may continue your everyday routine. Also, you are to attend individual therapy/group recovery meetings according to your own schedule.

Forcing to Treatment

For various people, the path to recovery looks different. Some prefer thriving in supportive home environments. Others claim strict routines and separate facilities to get cured of substance use disorder.

However, it is better to take into account each individual's preferences and needs. Forcing in such situations doesn’t always come in a good way. 

Whenever you make up your mind, weigh your options carefully. Also, if possible, attend a couple of different facilities to see which one suits you best firsthand.