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Rehabs in Lebanon

Rehabs in Lebanon

Lebanon is a province in the State of Pennsylvania. The population is nearly 134,000. The seat is in Lebanon city. Generally, the county is a very family-friendly place to live. There are many farms, stores, and restaurants.

Yet, the province stands behind a big threat of drug and alcohol addiction. As Pennsylvania’s Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs mentions the number of people struggling with substance abuse is rising at an alarming rate. Among the most misused drugs are opioids, heroin, cocaine, etc. The state-assisted programs help people to cope with addiction quite effectively. So, this article will discuss the rehabs in Lebanon County and the treatment services available.

Treatment Services

The continuing usage of addictive substances despite knowing their destructive impacts can quickly develop dependence. Yet, the signs are sometimes difficult to recognize. So, in this case, the step-by-step treatment will efficiently benefit the recovery process.


The first option is evaluation. During this process, the professional medical staff assesses the dependence level. They define

  • Substance abuse problems

  • The number of misused drugs

  • Dependence level

  • Dual diagnosis, etc.

Especially, defining the latter is crucial. As the treatment plan significantly varies in case of co-occurring mental and behavioral health problems.


Detoxification is another helpful therapy. It is meant to reduce and remove harmful elements from the patient’s body. This makes the recovery smoother and even more efficient.

The safest way to receive the therapy is doing it in a hospital. This will keep sufferers away from unwanted side effects such as

  • Headaches

  • Hallucinations

  • Sweating

  • Anxiety

  • Depression, etc.

Main Treatment Programs in Lebanon County Rehabs

The next phase is applying for one of the main programs available- inpatient or outpatient. These types vary from each other in many aspects. However, both plans lead a person to final sobriety.

Inpatient Program

If a patient faces severe addiction, relapse, or lacks a good environment to cope with this disorder on his own then the inpatient service is a great choice. It is organized and passed in a hospital. Here patients stay for 24 hours a week. The therapies are quite intensive. Also, they include family consulting. Individuals have 24/7 access to the professional staff of the clinic including psychologists, counselors, doctors, etc.

Outpatient Program

If a patient prefers a more flexible schedule to manage his everyday routine during rehabilitation then the outpatient variant is a perfect choice for him or her. It does not require a permanent stay in a clinic. Moreover, they can receive all the procedures and take part in group meetings in the evening, in the morning, or even on weekends. Yet, the most challenging factor of the outpatient method is that it does not keep the sufferers away from outside stressors. So, they need a high level of commitment for the final recovery.

One of the most famous outpatient centers in this province is Mazzitti and Sullivan Csl Services Inc. The contact number is 1-866-897-8266.

Entering Rehabs in Lebanon County With Insurance

Many people face financial problems when covering their treatment costs. So, one of the beneficial ways to pay for rehab is insurance. Here is the list of qualifying assurance plans for rehabilitation:

  • Private Health

  • Military (Tricare, Tricare Plus, Tricare Prime)

  • Medicare

  • Medicaid

Most types of the mentioned assurances are accepted in the Pennsylvania Counseling Services- Renaissance center.

Financial Aid

If the person struggling with substance abuse does not have care insurance then there are other options for payment, as well. Among them is sliding-scales pricing. It is set based on each individual’s financial condition. Other options include healthcare loans, grants, and scholarships.

Fundraising has also become very common. It can pass not only offline but also online. There are different online platforms for this purpose. Even more, they enable to use of the gathered funds starting from the first donation.