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Rehabs in Armstrong

Rehabs in Armstrong

Armstrong County was formed in Pennsylvania, US, on March 12, 1800. Kittanning city is the seat.

Substance use and related criminal offenses are quite common here. Therefore, Armstrong County rehabs heal and educate individuals and groups to become full members of society.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

Evaluation determines the health of each person. In essence, all programs are designed to heal patients in all aspects. For that purpose, the goal of assessment is to determine people's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues.

This process can be done using evaluation tools. They include medical, counseling, and physical therapy diagnostics. Those help experts identify the severity of an individual's addiction to substances. So, based on them, they can build a healing plan for patients.

Rehab Programs in Armstrong County

Rehabs in Armstrong County offer residential and outpatient programs. Their services are designed for adults, minors, and those excluded from society for various reasons.


Medical centers do their best to make the detox process as painless as possible. Doctors use not only drugs but also natural remedies. With the help of this method, the result is fast and safe.

Detox can range between 5 -15 days.

Inpatient (IP)

Usually, after detox, doctors advise a higher level of care to patients. Only IP or residential programs ensure it. This 24-hour plan enables patients to understand what leads them to addiction. To solve this problem, they have individual meetings with specialists. Working together, they try to find the best way to stop them from using chemicals. As a result, they can banish negative thoughts and change their behavior.

Since IP lasts 30, 60, or 90 days, it is enough for everyone to develop positive thoughts.

Outpatient (OP)

Clinics offer OP based on individual and group therapies. Group therapies cover different topics. The number of members of each is a maximum of five people. Those include:

  • The recovery management group offers open meetings for adults with substance abuse disorders. People who have relapse prevention are also eligible for it. It takes place one hour a week for 90 minutes. The process lasts 8 to 24 weeks. Here they identify the reasons for the recurrences and plan to prevent them.

  • Legal offenders group allows members to examine their criminal behavior of drug and alcohol use. This option supports them in avoiding illegal activities that direct them to the criminal justice system. The session takes place once a week.

  • Repeat offenders’ session aims to stop the cycle of repeated crimes because of chemical misuse. Here, members learn how to change their criminal attitude and achieve a crime-free lifestyle.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Medical centers offer group counseling and education in an IOP setting. Patients gradually recover, since it provides a stepwise treatment method. Sessions take place three days per week, either in the mornings or evenings.

ARC Manor offers all levels of care for drug and alcohol usage. Its services are for everyone who needs support. This center helps all members of society regardless of their past and present life.

Payment Options Without Insurance

In most cases, facilities accept all private insurance plans. Unfortunately, not everyone may have it.

Although there are various payment options, not all of those may be proper for all community members. For instance, the out-of-pocket payment that includes cash, credit cards, or checks may be costly. Therefore, some clinics accept Medicare and Medicaid or other government insurance plans. Yet, before starting the treatment, clients should clarify all financial concerns with the facility that they choose.

Forcing Teens Into Rehabilitation

Each state has laws for adults, children, and youth. Yet, everyone is aware of them. The same applies when teens use drugs and alcohol. Parents start forcing them into a rehab center. In truth, they may justify their actions, because it is in the framework of Pennsylvania state law. However, why make minors go against their will when special programs exist for them.

Armstrong County rehabs offer specialty substance treatment services for children and teens under 19 years. Those operate either at the facility or Armstrong high and junior schools.