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Rehabs in Mercer

Rehabs in Mercer

Mercer is one of the old and most populous counties in the state of Pennsylvania. According to the 2020 census, it had a population of about 110,700 people. Generally, Pennsylvania is a state where the substance use and addiction rate is really high. So, in this matter, Mercer is not an exception, either.

To solve this concerning issue, several rehabs in Mercer County, Pennsylvania were established.

In this article, we will cover drug and alcohol use statistics and addiction levels. We will also try to find suitable rehabilitation centers where one may apply for care.

Statistics of Substance Abuse

As already mentioned, Pennsylvania has a huge risk of alcohol and substance abuse. According to the 2017 report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the state had the third-highest number of drug overdoses in the country.

In 2021, especially after the epidemic, drug use and abuse have terribly increased. Based on the report of the county coroner, there were 57 drug overdose death records in 2021 alone.

It is essential to note that this data was the highest number on record. The most commonly used illicit substances were opioids, heroin, fentanyl, crystal meth, etc.

The same situation goes for alcohol dependency. An increasing number of people start drinking because of personal problems, poverty, or unemployment. In general, alcohol-related deaths also include suicides, which happen often in the area, exceeding the average indicator.

Drug and Alcohol Misuse Evaluation

Considering the mentioned data, it can be assumed that the government has something to think about. In this area, the accessibility of harmful substances is huge. For that, the government should take measures to prevent such cases. There are several facilities where people struggling with addiction can find help.

The first and most important step is going for an evaluation. During this testing process, the counselor checks the patient's condition and prescribes a suitable treatment.

For this, the Rainbow Recovery Center is a leading facility. They have branches all over the country, and one of them is in Mercer County, PA. It is for people who are struggling with alcohol or substance abuse.

Below are the address and phone number:

Rainbow Recovery Center

112 Timber Village Lane

Mercer PA, 16137

Phone: (724) 269-5130


Detox is a treatment that is prescribed mainly to all patients. It is the process when the body gets rid of toxic substances and gets used to a new condition for life. For each patient, the level of difficulty is individual.

Only after passing the detoxification phase, one may go on with the other therapies. Indeed, the process is painful and sometimes seems unbearable, but it is possible to overcome it with a strong will and great desire.

Treatment and Special Programs in Mercer County, PA

The facilities provide a variety of programs to all those in need. Depending on the patient's preferences, both individual and group therapy are on the list.

There are family therapies as well, in which spouses participate together. This enables them to support one another and work together to solve the issue rather than letting it ruin their family.

The primary objective of the facilities is to assist and treat individuals who are struggling with alcoholism or drug misuse. Inpatient and outpatient treatments are available for milder and more severe addictions.

In the county, one may find special therapies, as well. These programs include individuals who have experienced domestic violence or sexual abuse.

There are also several programs for military families, veterans, and senior citizens. Likewise, the ones with dual diagnoses are assigned individual and special plans.

Payment Options and Costs

The cost of the treatment typically depends on the rehabilitation center that the patient chooses. Almost all individuals prefer insurance payments. Though, some of them still exclusively take self-payment.

It is essential to know that several governmental programs like Medicare and Medicaid assist those without insurance.