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Rehabs in Pike

Rehabs in Pike

Pike is a county in the US state of Pennsylvania. According to the 2020 census, its population was 58,535. Milford is the seat. The total area is 567 square miles.

Having many conditions for human well-being, the region also has a serious health problem. It is drug and alcohol dependence that has been destroying destinies for years.

Despite the efforts of the government to increase the rates of substance misuse, the region has only rising statistics. Substance Abuse Task Force claims that Pennsylvania state is in the top 10 for overdose deaths. Moreover, more than 50 individuals have died caused by overdose since 2014 in Pike County. So the regional community can get proper treatment at Pike County rehabs.

Substance Abuse Treatment Options

Addiction is a serious health problem and demands thorough understanding and recovery. Generally, the cases differ and require different treatment options. The most effective options become obvious through addiction evaluation. A medical expert conducts the process of examining the patient. Then one of the coming options will be chosen.

Medical Detox

Addiction is connected with the abuse of harmful substances. Once a person decides to get rid of the disease, he/she must get the body free of them first. It is possible through medical detox under supervision. The doctors use medications for detoxing the body. It may last a week or two based on the abuse level and drug type. Thus the withdrawal symptoms need to be managed in a safe environment under control.

Inpatient Rehabs

Generally, the addiction level can be low or high. Those, dealing with severe addiction, are likely to need care at inpatient rehab centers. This program requires a 24/7 stay at the facility. Often the addiction is accompanied by mental health issues. It is revealed through dual diagnosis.

Anyone who tends to start a recovery process must get ready to cut the connection from the outdoor lifestyle for a while. It is easier for a patient to focus on quality care thanks to their live-in facility structure.

Outpatient Rehabs

If a person has a milder level of addiction it is recommended to seek care at outpatient rehab centers. They are popular and effective ways to heal substance abuse. Here the patients get help without interfering with their daily activities. An extensive cure plan heals the whole person, rather than the disease. Besides gaining sobriety, a patient also learns how to recognize and prevent triggers.

However, the outpatient patient itself has some levels of care. Each of them demands a specific outpatient care program type. They are analyzed below:

  • PHP (partial hospitalization programs) is similar to an inpatient program in its structure. Yet, they are they do not provide overnight care. PHPs are suitable for those who need to continue recovery at a step-down level. They also serve for aftercare purposes.

  • IOPs(intensive outpatient programs)- they come after PHPs. Here a person will need to attend a facility from two to three days a week for two to four hours. These programs serve as reminders of care principles to move forward with recovery.

  • Continuing care - these dependence healing programs include inpatient treatment principles and help keep individuals on track with recovery goals

In this region, Malibu Wellness Ranch is one of the leading outpatient centers. Here a patient can get a whole package of treatment under one roof. It includes substance misuse evaluation, medical detox, recovery, and aftercare programs. The experienced medical staff members do their best for a patient to feel safe and confident.

Payment Options for Pike County Rehabs

The price of rehab varies greatly. There are many factors to consider when considering rehab costs. Among them are the facility location, amenities, treatment options, abuse level, etc. For example, luxury rehabs are the most expensive clinics. It is based on their high-class amenities and services. They may charge up to $100,000 monthly.

For those who cannot afford the care, there are free rehabs. Moreover, federally-funded financial aid programs such as Medicaid, Medicare, or Tricare are also available. Nearly all clinics accept payment by insurance. Besides, the rehab centers offer various programs which will support financial aid. So, for detailed information, it is better to contact a local rehab.