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Rehabs in Greene

Rehabs in Greene

Greene County is located in the southwestern part of Pennsylvania. The county has a total area of 578 square miles with over 38,686 residents. Waynesburg is the seat of the county.

The place is famous for agriculture and mining, which play an important role in the state’s economic life.

However, besides advantages, there are also some disadvantages in the area. Substance abuse has increased among the population recently. Given that, Greene County rehabs are aimed at helping people with different addiction diagnosis.

Addiction Treatment Programs in Greene County

There are many healing solutions available in the area. They last from 30 days to a year or even two years.

Here are the main therapies for addiction treatment:

  • Detox

  • Inpatient Rehab

  • Outpatient Care

  • Partial Hospitalization


The most essential part of any rehabilitation program is detox. It helps to safely withdraw toxins from the patients’ bodies. People are under the control of the professional medical staff. After this procedure, they are ready for the next stages of healing.

Inpatient Rehab

This therapy is for more serious cases, which is why people need to receive their treatment at clinics or recovery centers. They sometimes participate in medical courses along with other patients and receive medication if they require it. Patients are always under the medical team’s control during the whole program.

Outpatient Rehab

People do not need to spend nights and always stay at hospitals during this program. This is designed for mild cases. However, they sometimes may need to visit clinics for some consultancy and participate in some group therapies. Patients may also need some medicine to recover fully.

Partial Hospitalization Program

This program lets people continue their work and study and also receive their healing. It is ideal for those who have more occupancy and need to combine treatment with other activities. PHP is designed for mild cases.

Prices and Payment Methods

Costs and payment methods might be different at recovery clinics. However, besides paid ones, there are also some free packages available here. Insurance packages may also be available in the area covering part of the fees.

The average costs for each program are the following:

  • Detoxification (Detox) - From $1,000 to $1,500

  • Inpatient Care - From $6,000 to $20,000

  • Outpatient or Ambulatory Rehab - From $5,000 to $10,000

Besides the fixed fees, there might also be some additional fees if patients require medication for their healing procedure. However, not everyone needs medicine, as it depends on the case of the disorder.

Treatment Centers

There are many options available to choose from in the area. They might be designed for a particular rehab course or cover all of them.

The most recognized recovery centers are the following:

Luxury Rehab Centers

Besides ordinary rehabilitation clinics, there are luxury recovery hospitals as well in the county. They provide high-level services and amenities compared to ordinary rehab clinics. They mostly welcome patients who can afford to pay higher fees for their healing services. The hospitals provide comprehensive rehab programs including group therapies, different kinds of consultancies provided by professionals, and much more.

One of the advantages of luxury recovery hospitals is the availability of 24/7 customer support. The experienced medical staff has always a willingness to help people of different ages with any kind of addiction problems. The average costs may start from $30,000 to $80,000 or even $100,000 per month. It depends on the facility and there is a chance to check the fee schedule with them.