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Rehabs in Potter

Rehabs in Potter

Potter is a county in the US state of Pennsylvania. Coudersport is the seat. The population was 17,457 based on the 2010 census. Thus, it is the fifth-least populous county in the state.

With this small population, the county still has serious health-related issues. It is a drug and alcohol addiction. A disease, which has been destroying thousands of destinies for years.

However, the county government along with Potter County rehabs focuses on reducing the substance abuse rate.

Substance Misuse Treatment Stages

Becoming addicted to a substance creates the necessity of starting a recovery journey. It consists of several vital stages. Each stage has a leading role in this process. One is the logical continuation of the other. They are detailed below.

Drug and Alcohol Use Evaluation

Generally, any disease needs to be thoroughly examined before starting medical actions. Substance abuse is not an exception. It has types and levels which must be revealed in depth. It is for choosing the most effective and appropriate care option. Thus, it is possible through the evaluation stage.

Generally, the process takes place between a patient and a medical expert. The therapist uses various tools for achieving the desired result. Screening and assessment are the common ones. The evaluation generally lasts one and a half hours. It mainly consists of questions and answers on the disease type, level, history, and manifestations. After succeeding in this process, it comes to the main medical actions.

Medical Detox

The above-mentioned medical actions start from this point. Toxins are removed from the body during detoxification. When a person quits taking a substance, they experience withdrawal symptoms, which can be harmful and even fatal.

Hence, there appears a strong need to manage them in a safe environment. Moreover, it is preferable to pass through the process professionally. Based on the misused drug type the process may last up to two weeks. Thus, the essence of this management is to clean the body of toxic substances.

Inpatient Rehabs

As it is already mentioned, the disease has severity levels. Each level demands a specific care option. Thus, the cases with the highest level of addiction can be treated at inpatient rehab centers. They are multifunctional, including lots of care programs. To explain, in most cases dependence impacts the brain causing other mental health problems and disorders. So to reveal them inpatient rehabs make dual diagnoses too. Some luxury residential facilities have additional services.

Due to disease level, the care duration may vary. An average stay is a month. Anyway, in rare cases, it can last even a year. At this period a patient is to live at the facility being provided with all the basic living settings.

Outpatient Rehabs

Outpatient rehab is a beneficial choice for those who cannot leave their daily obligations towards work and family, besides, those who are new to addiction. Here, the care program's daily schedule is designed on a part-time basis. Anyway, this does not mean they are less effective. The usual stay may be a month except for rare cases.

They also provide patients with aftercare programs. They aim to help people prevent relapsing. This is also a spread issue after finishing inpatient treatment programs.

Below is an outpatient Potter County rehab, which is worth mentioning.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services INC – Coudersport is an addiction recovery provider in Potter County. They provide care programs for all age groups, both men and women. Various treatment approaches are available in this clinic. Among them are:

  • Substance abuse counseling

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy

  • Anger management

  • Relapse prevention

  • 12-step facilitation

Attending here, every patient gets a unique care plan due to his/her needs.

Below is the contact information:

Address - 279 Route 6 West Room 3 - Coudersport, PA 16915

Telephone - 814-274-9745

The friendly staff members will provide detailed information on every segment including treatment options, programs, and payment-related issues.

Payment Options for Addiction Treatment

Generally, payment-related issues are barriers for most people not attending rehab. During the rehab look-up, they may meet free, low-cost, and very expensive facilities. Many factors impact the payment amount. among them are the facility type, disease severity, a patient's personal needs, etc. Luckily, nearly all the centers receive some funding from local and state grants. Besides, health insurance also helps to cover expenses.

People who do not have financial problems can get care at luxury rehabs. It will be a nice experience for them. This is because they offer resort-like amenities and out-of-care services. The average costs for these rehabs are $40,000-$100,000 for a monthly period. So it is better to determine the payment amount beforehand.