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Rehabs in Beaver

Rehabs in Beaver

Beaver county is situated in the state of Pennsylvania. This region does not yield to other counties in its number of patients. Accordingly, Beaver rehabs provide a wide range of services to reduce the risk. 

Where to Get an Evaluation 

Like in other counties, “Accredited Drug Testing” has many locations in this area too. It provides various tests for different purposes. Among them are:

  • Drug testing overview and panels
  • Hair, urine, and pre-employment drug tests
  • Alcohol tests
  • Court-ordered tests

For further actions, please contact them at (800) 221-4291. 

Addiction Facilities 

Rehabs in Beaver County, Pennsylvania are various and hold different services. There are general and specific programs. However, each has developed its unique method to heal sick people. 


Outpatient rehab is a flexible and effective healing process. Specialists use it to rehabilitate individuals from alcohol and drug disorders. It allows patients to combine their daily life with a cure. 

Obviously, you don’t have to stay overnight in a residential facility or hospital. Moreover, you can work or go to school while visiting the clinic. There, you will attend group meetings. 

Sessions usually occur in the evenings or on weekends. It makes it easier for people to organize their daily routines. That is, participants, manage to fulfill personal and family responsibilities along with treatment. 

Meanwhile, they do not break the balance. Therefore, the level of care varies depending on the institution. Despite the difference, all experts focus on the client’s specific needs. 

Intensive Inpatient

This type is also known as residential treatment. Unlike the outpatient, it is directed to more in-depth cases․ That is, inpatient rehab includes all stages of the curing process. These are three sides of a person: physical, psychological, and emotional. So, it aims to treat addiction to chemicals. 

In addition, it awakens people’s self-confidence and aspirations for their life. It concentrates on early rehabilitation and self-consciousness skills. Professionals consider it one of the best solutions. Generally, the recovery process can be long-term and short-term.

“Gateway Rehab” center offers a 90-120 days long-term treatment. It includes three essential techniques for effective recovery. They are life skills, transition, and planning.

The short-term acute cure lasts up to 28 days. Physicians have included a personalized program for each client. After completing it, you may pass to outpatient therapy. To choose the best way, please contact them at (412) 604-8900. 

Their address is:

100 Moffett Run Road,

Aliquippa, PA 15001. 

Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

PHP is one level down from an inpatient one. This program is available to those who cannot stay overnight at facilities. Yet, they still need inpatient care. By attending to this recovery plan, you will receive:

  • Evidence-based approach
  • Various therapies: such as individual, family, and group 
  • Addiction education classes
  • 12-step meetings

At the end of the day, you return home to continue your daily routine. 


When a person stops to use substances, the withdrawal process starts. Your body begins to cleanse itself of toxins. Hence, this process must be managed appropriately. Otherwise, it causes unpleasant feelings and can even be life-threatening. Consequently, many people avoid detox. In fact, it is the first fundamental step toward recovery. 

Type of Specialty Rehabilitations 

Specialized dependency centers have tailored special care for certain groups of people. In this province, the following categories are at the attention of specialists:

  • Youth
  • Families
  • Patients with co-occurring disorders 

Prices for Luxury Residential Complexes

The services of elite institutions vary. The price starts at a minimum of $1,000 for a day. Nevertheless, in some cases, it is $450 a day. Chiefly, the price depends on many circumstances. You should take into account the quality of services and medicine. 

Where to Go Without Insurance

Individuals seek addiction hospitals according to their budgets and level of insurance. But if you do not own coverage, you may pay with other options. Evidently, the amount is expensive in the case of self-payment. But most of the clinics have reduced it for insolvent clients. 

“OARS” allows you to pay $200 per month or $50 per week. Their contacts are:

2360 Hospital DriveAliquippa, PA 15001

724-912-OARS (6277)

How to Help Your Teen

A particular strategy is necessary for treating adolescents who depend on chemicals. For that reason, you ought to apply to the nearest clinic. Special counselors will advise you on how to deal with a teenager.