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Rehabs in Adams

Rehabs in Adams

Adams County is situated in the state of Pennsylvania in the US. Gettysburg city is the county seat.

Despite the drugs and alcohol presence, the residents can control the spread to some extent. They could somewhat overcome the abuse thanks to high-quality Adams County rehabs.

Drug and Alcohol Evaluation

Before treatment, people are required to attend an evaluation process. It takes place for the first appointment with admissions specialists.

During this meeting, experts will review the patient's medical history. Then, they fill in social, phycological, community, family, and mental health factors. After this, individuals enter the detox program.

Rehab Programs in Adams County

Rehabs in Adams County offer superior services for anyone seeking a healthy, substance-free life. They provide high medical and clinical care in all stages of recovery. Since residential centers and clinics have prepared their services considering the needs of each group of society, no one remains without a cure.


For detox to be safe, it must be done in a private, secure, and supportive environment. Special centers offer a relaxing, healing environment. In addition, physicians, nurses, and therapists work 24 hours. Thus, they make the process as easy and effective as possible.

Special centers provide medication withdrawal control and stabilization for people with substance addiction and mental health illnesses. The duration of this process ranges between 3-14 days.

Inpatient (IP)

After detox, people start their recovery journey in residential care (IP). This is for those who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction and have co-occurring disorders.

Attending this stage, they receive a one-on-one addiction cure plan. Here, with the help of doctors, they try to solve the problems that patients have faced.

Next, participants benefit from daily contact in the group and private environment. Finally, IP includes high-quality meals and cozy surroundings to escape the outer world.

Outpatient (OP)

In essence, treatment programs are divided into four categories the patient goes through in order. Hence, when someone has a mild addiction to drugs or alcohol, they start their treatment on an outpatient basis. However, when they feel that it is weak for them, they may raise the level.

The opposite can also happen. People start their cure with a more intense phase and end it with an outpatient one.

Individual therapy helps members find new ways to solve problems.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

IOP provides full support to help patients to get sober and stable. It includes individual and group therapy and holistic approaches.

As a rule, people have to attend IOP three days a week. Each session lasts three hours. Leading experts provide tools to patients they need to maintain lifelong sobriety.

Prices for Luxury Services

Upscale services are known for their unique approach. Those offer on-site healing methods on their modern campus. These facilities include detox, assessment, and treatment for everyone dependent on opioids and alcohol. Their fee costs $1,250 per day.

Innovo Detox is a leading expert in this sphere. They strive to make the right changes in the lives of communities and individuals.

The address is:

7007 York Road

Abbottstown, PA 17301

(717) 931-7277

Payment Options Without Insurance

Clinics accept insurance not only from in-network but also from out-of-network providers. Hence, everyone with any coverage can turn to help.

People who do not have any insurance may pay through cards or cash. Though, they almost escape from self-payment since it is an expensive option. Therefore, some centers may offer a sliding fee scale based on family income. They also accept Medical Assistance or Medicare.

Forcing Teens Into Rehabilitation

When minors use drugs and alcohol, it impacts all spheres of their lives. First of all, it affects their education. Teens start falling behind in class. Besides, they almost stop attending schools or colleges.

All this, in reality, stresses their parents. In their turn, to save the situation, parents can force their children to rehab centers. They operate within the law of Pennsylvania State. Yet, there is always a better solution for them.

TrueNorth Wellness Services is a care agency that offers services for youth. It presents SAP (The Student Assistance Program) in this province. This agency aims to help students who face substance use problems in schools or colleges.

Parents may contact them by (717)-632-4900 phone number and select option 2. Specialists build plans of action with families. Finally, they also operate within the area of schools providing their support to teens.