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Rehabs in Lancaster

Rehabs in Lancaster

Lancaster County is located in the south-central part of Pennsylvania. It is also known as The Garden Spot of America or Dutch Country. Its administrative center is in Lancaster. According to the 2020 US Census, the region’s population was 552,984. The region is also famous for its prosperous art community, theater, opera house, and orchestra. People may also find many recreational activities in this area. 

However, there is also another recreation that brings life-threatening effects: drug and alcohol abuse. The state is also among those that have much higher rates of substance misuse than the rest of the nation. According to the rates published by the Centers for Disease Control, in 2017, there were more than 5,000 substance-involved fatalities in PA. As of the report of the County Health Rankings and Roadmaps, between 2014 and 2018, one-quarter of traffic deaths were alcohol-involved. 

These numbers highlight the need for drug and alcohol rehabs in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. Read on to get more information on these centers and find the treatment you need. 

Available Treatment Options 

Many alcohol and drug rehabs in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania are available. They are fighting a substance misuse epidemic and trying to build a healthy society. Besides, they offer programs such as detox, inpatient and outpatient care, substance abuse evaluation, medically assisted therapy, aftercare, etc. 

Below you may find a detailed review for each type. 


Detox is also known as a medically assisted withdrawal. It ensures the safe removal of heavy substances from the body. Detox increases the chances of a long-lasting recovery, as the medical staff has full control over the patient. They check all the body signs caused by the withdrawal and offer medication to reduce pain. 


Inpatient or residential care programs are short, but the most intensive type of therapy. Usually, it lasts from 3 to 6 months. Patients have to stay at the facility under 24/7 medical supervision. Along with individual sessions, they also attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) sessions. Professionals show not only medical support but also assist them emotionally. Each person is to have an individual care plan that will help to deal with cravings and avoid relapse. 


This care is the most flexible one. It allows patients to stay tuned to their daily routine. However, they still have access to meetings and medical support. Patients have their individual treatment plans: 

  • Number of AA and NA meetings 
  • Check-ins with sober coaches 
  • Individual counseling appointments 

Outpatient treatment is for those who have a mild level of addiction or who have already completed inpatient rehab. 

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) 

PHP offers daytime treatment that will possibly reduce the chances of relapse. Patients don’t have to stay at the hub. Hence, they spend from 4 to 8 hours at the clinic and go home at the end of daily sessions. The latter includes individual and group therapy and medical support. 


Aftercare assumes AA, NA, and SMART meetings. These help to maintain sobriety. Generally, they are free and take place regularly every day in and around this area. 

If someone has difficulty during the transition from rehab to normal daily life, hubs can be the best option for them. They are here to make the transition process easier. Such centers offer a drug and alcohol-free environment. Moreover, the person may also maintain a job or study. 

Top Three Drug and Alcohol Rehabs Near Lancaster, PA 

To set a foundation for successful and long-lasting recovery, you should choose the right treatment facility. Among many facilities in this area, we have tried to find those with high-quality care and successful recovery outcomes. 

  • Peace Valley Recovery is located at 5230 York Rd, Doylestown, PA 18902. Call them at 267-662-2462. You can also submit an online request form. 
  • Good Days Recovery is located at 31 E Orange St #304, Lancaster, PA 17602, US. Contact them at 717-844-3170 or submit the online request form
  • Gaudenzia Vantage is also a well-known hub. Their address is 208 E King St, Lancaster, PA 17602, US.